hire a trailer

If you're hiring a trailer for the first time, you'll need a UK driving license. There is no additional special license needed, a car license is the main item necessary to hire a trailer. The car license allows you to tow a trailer that is no more than 750kg. It's legal to tow a heavier trailer as long as the total weight of the car and the trailer do not exceed 3,500kg.

Extra information about hire a trailer

In addition, you may need a recent utility bill or a debit card in the same name as the name on the license. You'll need to purchase a number plate for the trailer for 10. You can rent a trailer for a day or a much longer period of time depending on what your needs are. You can use a trailer to transport a number of different things goods, bikes, camping equipment, and more. A high quality, well-constructed trailer will ensure that your items are transported with no damage incurred.

Trailers are available in many sizes and a few different shapes. Hiring a trailer is more beneficial than making a purchase because you don't have to concern yourself with trailer storage. Also, you may only need the trailer for a certain period of time or even just a day. Hiring a trailer is a more affordable option than making an investment to purchase one.

Trailer insurance is available from a number of companies. You can fill out an application for trailer insurance online. Tail lights are required on the trailer only if your brake lights are obscured by the trailer. License plate lights reflectors on either side are required as well. Turn signals are not needed on the trailer unless the width is more than 80 inches.

Trailers that don't weigh more than 3,000 lbs will not need brakes. There's a wide range of reasons why someone would find themselves in need of a trailer horse trailers, flatbed trailers, motorcycle trailers, utility trailers, refrigerated trailers, dog trailers, and more. Larger trailer features include ramps and doors to make it easier to load and unload.

Trailers are versatile and strong perfect for picking up and dropping off bikes or vehicles. Transport animals comfortably across long distances with ease. Not all trailers are open in design but have an enclosed roof. An enclosed trailer for hire is the perfect option to transport a luxury vehicle. Boat trailers are an absolute necessity and it's essential to have a trailer you can rely on.